Oculus Quest 128GB model retail price and package contents leak

The 128GB model of Facebook’s up and coming Oculus Quest mobile headset has leaked online. The retail price and package contents list appeared briefly on Amazon’s UK website before vanishing. The price for the 128GB model was listed as £499. Facebook later confirmed to UploadVR that the US price would be US$499. Presumably extra taxes and import duties account for the higher European price.

The leak also revealed the contents of the consumer package, which include:

1 x Quest Device

1 x Controllers (L&R)

1 x Printed Accessory Folio

1 x Manual, 2 x AA Batteries

1 x Charging cable

1 x Glass Spacer

1 x Welcome card, 1 x Charger (US, UK, EU, AU).

Oculus originally stated that the launch price for the 64GB Oculus Quest model would be US$399. It’s likely we’ll only have to wait a couple of weeks to hear more and for the official preorders to begin. An announcement is expected at Facebook’s F8 conference that runs from 30 May to 1 April.

The Oculus Quest is Oculus’s first mobile VR headset with full six degrees of freedom tracking. No PC or external tracking stations are required.

Looks like Oculus have now added pages on the US Amazon site without listing a release date. View them here:

128GB page on Amazon
64GB page on Amazon