Incorporated from SyFy

Incorporated is a new 13-part dystopian series from executive producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, created by the US SyFy channel. While producing, there’s no sign either are taking on acting roles.  As suggested by the not particularly subtle title, Incorporated is set in a near-future where corporations have seemingly unlimited power. Ben Larson (played by Sean Teale) is a young executive who conceals his true identity to infiltrate one of the most powerful firms in a quest to save the woman he loves. As we’ve come to expect from corporate dystopias, the world is divided into two distinct areas. In a “Green Zone”, Ben and his wife live in a lush playground, the home of the rich and powerful. In contrast, the poverty stricken “Red zone” is a dangerous and unpleasant place and the home of revolutionary forces hoping to take on the system and destroy it.

SyFy, like Netflix, is putting lots of energy into its productions. The results have been mixed: SyFy’s ongoing series The Expanse is excellent, while shows like The Magicians, Dark Matter and Twelve Monkeys have been merely passable.

Since corporate dominance is such a well-worn theme in science fiction, they’ll have to do more than just replicate past efforts to stand out from the crowd. The trailer has shades of Gattaca, Oblivion and especially Mat Damon’s Elysium, where the societal divisions are equally stark.

Watch the trailer for a first look. Incorporated will be broadcast on the SyFy channel 30 November 2016.